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Do you know how to protect your expensive oriental rugs? Clever carpet cleaning solutions can be found here.

Do you offer upholstery and carpet protection?

The technicians at Carpet Cleaning Monterey Park stress that they offer clients carpet fabric protection, which is designed to keep your home's upholstery or carpets clean for longer periods of time. The carpet protection is best known to add life to the carpet, and fully protect it from wear and tear. Our technicians can provide you with a quote over the phone, should our cleaning technicians are already at your home. This service however, will be an additional charge or service.

Will a professional carpet cleaning service save me more than money?

Yes, although at first glance, professional services may cost more than DIY methods. However, in the long run, you will save yourself from breaking a sweat from vacuuming. No need for you to do strenuous exercise from physically handling heavy equipment like vacuum cleaners. In an expert procedure, cleaners take a lot of bending and rigorous movements from constant lifting of machines. The end result will be actually better and safer than a conventional do-it-yourself way.

How can I remove pet odors?

Pet stain & odor removal is a hard task because pet bodily fluids don't come out easily. If you have pets, regular carpet and sofa cleaning is mandatory and if they make a mess, it must be cleaned right away. Use good quality ecofriendly products but odor removal will be more effective with the use of vinegar.

I don’t have time to extensively clean my carpet, what do I do?

If you do not have the time to give your carpet thorough cleaning, experts over at Monterey Park recommend that you at least make time to vacuum your carpet. It might not be the most thorough, but regular vacuuming can make a very big difference.

My carpet does not seem to be even anymore after cleaning. What happened?

According to our experts, when the sofa cleaning company cleans your carpet, there will be ripples seen across the carpet. But once this dries out, you will hardly notice the ripples. Stretching and flattening out the carpet can fix this problem.

Can deep cleaning change the direction of the carpet pile?

This is highly unlikely to happen. In fact, the normal condition of any flat areas will be restored. Some fibers may stick together after the carpet has dried fully and form darker spots. However, it is extremely easy to loosen them up. You simply need to loosen the fibers with a soft-bristled brush and everything will go back into place.

Does moving furniture around help to keep the carpet clean?

It may be helpful, but to a small extent. This technique is used for protecting the pile from changing permanently in the areas where the furniture stays. It is also useful for ensuring even wearing. The technique doesn’t eliminate the need for regular carpet cleaning.

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